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- Friday, July 27 through Sunday July 29 in Norfolk, Virginia. | Additional Information: Click Here >>

Welcome to the Zollicoffer Web site. Since 1982, our family reunions have continued to bring us closer together and instilled a sense of pride in our heritage through our professionalism, talent, and upward mobility. Every year we come together, young and not-so-young, to share our strength and wisdom as it is needed to help our family grow with dignity, intelligence, and integrity befitting a true Zollicoffer. It does us proud to see our young generation following in the path that we paved with sweat and tears. And the young people love to learn about their background and how to apply it as a foundation for their futures

From the east coast to the paradise of Hawaii and many cities in between, many of our family members look forward to their journeys back home for our annual celebration. Some come every year, and others just send their blessings.  But it is our prayer that we continue to keep our heritage alive and that your blessings will be hand delivered in the future.

Lois C. Price