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The Zollicoffer name originated in Switzerland. It was traced back to 1786 when a Colonel who fought in the American Revolutionary War settled in this country. He was called back to Switzerland to claim his seat in the house.

Albert, the oldest member of our family was a slave . He was married to the true blooded American Indian. From this union Thomas Zollicoffer was born. And a beautiful family tree flourished. Thomas Zollicoffer a minister and a very prosperous young man. He owned 1000 acres of land in Littleton, North Carolina. This land, today, is commonly referred to as "Coffer-Town," but was never an incorporated village. Tom, as he was called, made a cotton gin and a saw mill. At that time the Zollicoffer family was considered one of the wealthiest black families in the area.

During the year 1920, Reverend Tom Zollicoffer Sr. founded the Fidelity Baptist Church. For forty-four years, Fidelity Baptist Church was pastored by three other Zollicoffer ministers. Tom pastored until his death, he was succeeded by his brother, Reverend Charles Zollicoffer. The Reverend Maryland Zollicoffer, son of Tom, succeeded his Uncle Charlie until his death in 1954. Maryland Zollicoffer entered the ministry at the age of 16 and became the most famous gospel preacher during this period . People came from far and near to hear him. He has pastored as many as five churches at one time. Two of his sons also became ministers. Reverend Thomas, named after his grandfather, and McCray. Both deceased. The Family continues to worship together on the third Sunday of each month. We are a family of great faith in God and strong religious beliefs.

The present generation has brought Zollicoffer family from farmers, carpenters, saw mill and cotton gin workers to professionals in business, technical, and creative fields. We capitalized on the Zollicoffer struggle for financial security and used our innate ability to get where we are today.

This information, taken form the Zollicoffer Family History as it was researched and presented at our first family reunion by Gertye Nelson, is condensed and submitted with her approval by Lois Price.

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